Monday, November 06, 2006


The next 48 hours will say much about the course of our American civilization for the next few decades. What happens in voting booths on Tuesday, November 7, and in the Supreme Court building on Wednesday, November 8, will say much about where we are headed. Christians--like you and me--will play a very large role in setting that direction.

While many of us are confused, even jaded, about what so-called "conservatives" have done (or, more accurately, not done) in the last few years, we can't use it as an excuse to do nothing. Too much is at stake to sit by and let others make the big decisions.

This is America, where every adult citizen--whether born or naturalized--not only has the right but the responsibility to cast a vote. It's the very least we can do for our country. Hundreds of thousands have given their lives to preserve the liberties we enjoy in this nation. How dare we use a flimsy excuse to shirk our part.

Please take time to pray, then make your plan to get out and vote tomorrow. E-mail or call a friend, family member or fellow church member and tell them to do the same. Statistically, this is all about voter turn out. You don't have to convince anyone to vote for any particular candidate or issue. They will vote their convictions. What's important is that they go to the polls.

Send the E-mail, make the call, ask the question. Offer a ride or free babysitting. Offer your company. The least likely to go are the elderly and parents of young children. Make it possible for them.

God will use you as you make yourself available. In a representative republic, we only get what we deserve. If we get bad leadership in this country, it's because we didn't do enough to get good leadership.

Is taking an hour out of your day too much? I know you don't think so. Some races, some initiatives may very well be decided on a hand-full of votes. Yours, your family members' and your fellow church members will be among them.

Pray--then vote--then pray again on Wednesday. Wednesday is the day the US Supreme Court will hear the two biggest Sanctity of Life cases since Roe v. Wade. Once again, the High Court will consider whether puncturing the head of a child and draining her brains during the process of birth should be legal in this country. The decision hangs on one or two members of the Court.

Remember: Your vote tomorrow will determine what kind of justices sit on this court in the future. Choose prayerfully and well!


Be back with commentary on the results.


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