Friday, February 02, 2007


The so-called “People for the American Way” (PFAW) routinely cites my brother Paul and me on their nasty “Right Wing Watch,” suggesting we are dangerous extremists. But for every finger PFAW points, there’s three pointing back at them: They are unabashedly pro-abortion, anti-traditional marriage and utterly Godless.

Yesterday, Faith and Action program director Dane Rose and I spied PFAW president Ralph Neas in the US Senate dining room. He sported a huge Cheshire Cat grin. No doubt why; with all the top PFAW Hall of Fame senators now in firm control of the upper house, his long frustrations are over. While Neas previously criticized “the right’s” influence on the majority, there will be no such standard applied to the left. In Neas’ view of the world, the left can do no wrong. The left is always “right.” God help us.

Speaking of God helping us, He certainly has through you. Many of our friends responded generously to our appeal for prayers and financial contributions to steel ourselves for the assaults that have already begun. As I told you in a recent E-mail release, it began when a group I meet with weekly in the US Capitol was thrown out. Bear with me while I give you the whole story:

This Thursday morning breakfast club has been meeting in the US Capitol for 35 years. It is made up of some of the best “God and Country” people in Washington. Sponsored by a different senator each year, the club exists for mutual fellowship and to honor the US Capitol Police for its service to our nation. We begin each meeting with a prayer. (As the club's de facto “chaplain," I'm often privileged to deliver it.) Then we recite the Pledge of Allegiance, someone gives a two-minute “Flag Talk” on a patriotic theme, and we listen to a guest speaker. (Among our speakers we've had everyone from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Supreme Court justices to best-selling authors.) I joined the club five years ago after one of its prominent members invited me as a guest. I later ended up a speaker, and finally as a board member.

Among our club members are numerous heroes. For example, long-time member and retired US Army general Mil Roberts. His harrowing story of storming the Normandy beaches as a 19-year old makes the film Saving Private Ryan look like Disney pap.

As a hail of bullets rained down on Mil, he waded through waters filled with soldiers drowned after their own inflatable life-belts turned them upside down with 60 pounds of gear on their shoulders. Once on the beach, he hid under the bodies of dead comrades, disassembled his sand-encrusted rifle, cleaned and reassembled it, then emerged to fire back, scale a severe bluff with his hands and zigzag his way behind enemy lines where he did a lot of good for America and a lot of damage to the Nazi enemy.

Now Mil and the rest of us are out in the cold. We’re in a sort of exile after California Senator Dianne Feinstein took charge of the Rules Committee that dictates use of US Capitol venues. Our club used to meet in a small private dining room just inside the east Senate entry to the Capitol building. No sooner had the libs taken charge than we were expelled. Ostensibly, the room was needed for other events. But our scouts have confirmed the room has been dark and empty since our eviction.

The old-timers in the group know this is punishment for our leaning conservative. As I said, it’s a “God and Country” bunch. While all of them are not traditional Bible-believing Christians, many are and the rest are good church people. They pray, love their spouses, kids and grandkids and they adore our country. Most have risked their lives to protect our freedoms and some bear the scars of it. Yet, they’re not Ralph Neas’ type, and, after-all, he’s now a king-maker!

The assaults against those who pray to God and love our country don’t stop at the US Capitol door, however. The ascendancy of the Left has emboldened every radical secularist in Washington. The “Beltway Atheists” I told you about back when we first installed the monument of the Ten Commandments in front of our ministry center have returned with a vengeance. I’ll wait till another day to give you all the details. Suffice it to say, they see a new opportunity to nullify our legal victory to display the Commandments in front of our building and they are acting on it; more on this in a future blog.

These are the reasons we really need your prayers and help. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been in office only a few weeks and it seems all h*ll is already being loosed. We’re up for the fight. The battle is not ours, it’s the Lord’s. (See I Samuel 17:46-48.)

This coming week will be a very busy one. Watch for my summary next Friday—it’ll be a doozey!

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