Thursday, April 26, 2007


A lot of people ask me what a typical day is like for a missionary on Capitol Hill. That's not easy to answer. Today I started by giving the opening prayer at a breakfast meeting at the Capitol Hill Club, where I also delivered a speech on the important role religion plays in diplomacy. But that's not typical.

I met with staff to plan various outreach programs, including our Reese Roundtable, a forum for advancing the biblical principles that made our nation great. After that I dashed over to the U.S. Capitol to look at the layout for the upcoming National Capitol Bible Reading Marathon that starts Sunday evening. I also did a short video inviting you and others, including churches, to logon and join in via the Internet. Check it out at our website.

Oh, somewhere in there I did two interviews, one on radio, the other with a newspaper, about a presidential candidate's cynical remarks on religion and the "evil side" of the Virginia Tech shootings, respectively.

E-mail and phone calls to pastors involved with our work filled in some cracks. Then, two members of our "Extended Missionary Team" linked up with me and we visited for a very long time with a prominent U.S. senator, after which I escorted them to the U.S. Supreme Court for special work there. Tonight, we'll debrief about all this.

This is not a "typical" day. In fact, I can't think of any "typical" day. A day may bring the predictable, but, more often than not, it brings the unpredictable: A surprise opportunity to share the Gospel; an unexpected Supreme Court decision on the sanctity of life; an encounter with someone running for president; an invitation to meet the President!

I've learned to simply pray Isaiah's prayer, "Lord, send me!" The one thing I can always predict--and that is typical--is that God will certainly answer that prayer and send me to someone to do something that brings glory to Him!

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Sarah Nemeth said...

Hey Rob,

I so enjoy reading your blog posts! I just found it through a friend, Chris Currie, who I met through my current job. I grew up around Buffalo and my mom was part of the Spring of Life. We attended NCT for a while and I remember the endless candellight vigils, prayer and protests. I am now a journalist at the Post - owned Gazette newspapers in MD. How can I get involved with your group and help out? Is there a need for volunteer work?

Thanks for all you do! I plan on linking into the Bible reading on Sunday.

PS: At my last post, I worked with a girl who was then Anna's roommate.