Friday, September 07, 2007


The week began with intensive meetings to prayerfully map out our fall outreach. We’re also getting a lot of questions about presidential candidates. I know you’re wondering about Fred Thompson. My short answer is I’ve met him only twice. He’s congenial, compatible with conservatives, but unknown when it comes to personal faith. He was baptized in the church of Christ, a traditional, Bible-centered movement. Not-with-standing, Thompson has said little about any personal relationship with Christ. I’ll say more later today when I guest host the Adam McManus Show on KLSR Radio out of San Antonio. (3-6 PM Central - I’ll be remote in a studio here on Capitol Hill) You can listen online. I’ll talk about Thompson the third hour, 5-6 PM central.

This week included a visit from Bill Murray, president of the Religious Freedom Coalition and author of The Pledge. (I’ll also talk to Bill on KSLR today—2nd hour.) Bill brought three executives from AMG Publishers, the communications arm of AMG International, an evangelical missionary organization. These are important alliances, as the task of evangelizing is beyond any single ministry.

We also had a visit from Dr. James Hutson, chief of manuscripts for the Library of Congress. Dr. Hutson is one of America’s premier historians. He's been with us for the Reese Roundtable. Dr. Hutson spends his days prattling through original documents related to virtually every American president and an endless number of other luminaries from our country’s past. His groundbreaking work analyzing the original draft of Thomas Jefferson’s famous letter to the Danbury Association of Baptists has completely debunked the prevailing notion of the so-called “separation of church and state.”

This week I was back with our regular Thursday morning breakfast group that had been evicted from the US Capitol by the new congressional leadership. This assemblage of God and Country heroes (literally—many are war heroes) was unceremoniously kicked out of the room they had met in for over 35 years. No one was really mystified though. Our group was “notorious” for opening meetings in prayer and with the Pledge of Allegiance to “one nation, under God.” After a Herculean effort, the group is back, but only once a month.

Things wrap up today with another one-on-one with a leading US senator—then guest hosting the McManus show. Tomorrow I'll convene a ministers’ fellowship here at the ministry house. Monday will be very busy with an all-day prayer and fasting retreat only interrupted for me when I sit in on US Commander David Petraeus’s Iraq Report to Congress. At night I’ll help lead a vigil of prayer in front of the White House for threatened Iraqi Christians. If you haven't signed our petition , please do so before Monday!

See you next week!

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