Friday, January 25, 2008


Your missionary to Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, Rob Schenck, reporting:

It's been a whirlwind week for me. From Tuesday morning on Capitol Hill to today in Lynchburg, Virginia, there wasn't a second wasted. Thanks for praying us through the crisis at the U.S. Senate. As you probably read, we did have a National Memorial for the Pre-born service in the U.S. Capitol complex after all. It didn't look that way as late as last Thursday.

(I should mention that for the tenth year in a row I was back at North Carroll Assembly of God in Manchester, Maryland, to preach their annual Sanctity of Human Life Sunday service on January 20. Pastor Dave Olson is a wonderful man with a real shepherd's heart. I'm deeply grateful for the long-time friendship and support of this beautiful family of God!)

Only a few days before the 14th annual Memorial, we were told that when it came to pro-lifers on Capitol Hill, there was no room in the inn! That would have been the first time we were denied access to this incomparable venue. Our thinking is simple: Put the pro-life message where it counts--right in the center of U.S. Senate life by staging it inside the U.S. Senate office buildings. By now I hope you've read and watched my account of what transpired. We'll post a new video soon on YouTube--please watch for it and forward the link to your family, friends and fellow church members.

The Memorial itself was an overwhelming success. We once again had a standing-room-only crowd. World renowned singer, songwriter and guitarist Tony Melendez performed. Not only is he an extraordinarily gifted artist, he is almost unbelievable. Born without arms, he plays complex guitar arrangements with his feet. He also drives his full-size conversion van--with his feet! He even backed it into the narrow parking space behind our building--effortlessly! Many pro-abortion advocates would say that a pre-born baby without arms shouldn't be born. Tell that to Tony and to the countless number of people deeply affected by his music. Along with Tony Melendez, we heard another powerful message from Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life. Fr. Frank is the "priest who preaches like a Baptist and prays like a Pentecostal!" I closed the historic gathering by announcing that despite the opposition, we had just had church in the U.S. Senate!

Meanwhile, as we were getting underway with the service at the Senate building, my brother, Paul, and our chief of staff, Peggy Birchfield, were at the White House for a strategic breakfast meeting hosted by President Bush and attended by other national pro-life leaders. Paul made it back just in time to introduce one of our honored guests, attorney and Christian philanthropist Stephen Peroutka. (The generosity of Stephen and his brother Michael are the reason we can maintain our National Pro-Life Action Center.)

On Wednesday I presented the Ten Commandments Leadership Award to Indiana congressman Mike Pence in a ceremony in his office in the U.S. House Longworth Building. Faith and Action and the National Clergy Council cooperate to confer this distinction on those who use their considerable stations in life to promote and model principles consistent with the Great Words of Sinai. Congressman Pence is an outstanding Christian witness on Capitol Hill and a tireless champion of the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage and the family and the public acknowledgment of God.

Thursday included a meeting with a gentleman I haven't seen in 24 years. Dr. Ray McCoy was a pastor in Western New York when my brother, Paul, and I first launched this ministry there. He now leads a Christian humanitarian effort to orphans in Nigeria and Burkina Faso, Africa. As an African-American, Dr. McCoy carries a great burden for the mother continent. We prayed together, talked and explored how we can network to benefit both of our missions. This is a good example of the many projects we assist each year that never get headlines. Our opponents in the struggle for the soul of American civilization often accuse us of being callous toward those who suffer. They don't care about the other side of our work and never give us credit for it. I don't think the secular media has ever mentioned that my brother Paul and I founded a relief agency, Operation Serve International, or a domestic outreach called Hearts for the Homeless. It doesn't matter. We don't do these things to gain the praise of men; we do it out of obedience to God and love of neighbor.

Finally, the week ended with my visit to the School of Law at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. This, of course, is the school founded by the late Jerry Falwell, and now lead by his two sons Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Jonathan Falwell. Mat Staver, a good friend of many years, is dean of the law school and founder of Liberty Counsel, a public interest religious liberty law firm. Mat is a former pastor turned lawyer who is leading the charge on many fronts to reclaim our nation for God. He's become a very important part of our effort to reach judges and justices with the Biblical truth. Mat was my host during my visit to Liberty. I also did several television broadcasts with him and addressed students and faculty in the law school's newly completed courtroom that is a replica of the U.S. Supreme Court chamber.

This weekend I'll travel to Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania (near Trenton, New Jersey) to preach for Pastor David Farina at the great Calvary Full Gospel Church. Please pray for me, that the Lord will use me to advance His will and our shared mission. If you live within driving distance, come out and join us!

That's all for now--be back soon,

Rev. Rob Schenck
Faith and Action
109 2nd Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002