Monday, March 24, 2008


Your missionary to Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, Rob Schenck, reporting:

Today began for me the best way it could, offering a prayer in the United States Capitol. It was even nicer than that, though. I gave the prayer at the breakfast meeting that has met weekly in the Capitol for 35 years. You may recall it was this group of God-fearing Americans that was unceremoniously shown the door after the ascendance of the current congressional leadership. It took prayer and hard work to get us back in, but we are indeed baaaaaack!

What added insult to injury in the sudden eviction was the fact that many of these breakfast group members are true American heroes. They stormed the beaches of Normandy, landed at Inchon, flew missions over North Vietnam, tested our best weapons, fought in both Gulf Wars. To a one they are decent, caring, loving and enormously generous people. Yet, because they are perceived as benighted anachronisms they were dumped out on the street and told not to come back.

Well, it's a hopeful sign they couldn't be kept out. Yet not a one is a bit haughty about it. Instead, they are to a man and a woman grateful--deeply grateful to God and to this country that they can meet each week under the dome of US Capitol. Not a bitter word has been spoken in the group. They're just quietly going about their business. Each breakfast meeting begins with the Pledge of Allegiance "to the Flag . . .of the United States of America . . . and to the Republic for which it stands . . .one nation UNDER GOD . . ."

The Pledge is always followed by a prayer. Most often the prayer includes heartfelt thankfulness for everything good: family, friends, freedom and the men and women in uniform who for our benefit do what few of us would ever do.

Yeah, it was a great start to the day today. It wasn't hard for me to pray for this group; the words of gratitude always come naturally.

I'm off to Austin, Texas for tomorrow and Wednesday. Be back to tell you all about it.


Your grateful missionary to elected and appointed officials,

Rev. Rob Schenck
Faith and Action
109 2nd St, NE
Washington, DC 20002