Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Your Missionary to Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, Rob Schenck, reporting:

Yesterday I spent most of my time at a board meeting of the National Pro-Life Religious Council (NPRC). I’ve been a member of this group for a number of years. It’s a serious collection of pro-life leaders from every Christian tradition and denomination. For all the times I’ve heard people say, “We all need to work together,” NPRC is the answer to their prayers!

At this most recent meeting we had representatives from the following churches:

-          United Methodist

-          Charismatic Episcopal

-          Lutheran

-          Orthodox

-          Anglican

-          Congregational

-          United Church of Christ

-          Presbyterian

-          Roman Catholic

-          Evangelical

That’s a lot of Christendom in the room!

Beside our regular joint programs—like the National Memorial for the Pre-born (held in the US Capitol complex each year) and our publications (a pro-life devotional, compilation of pro-life sermons, various theological treatises on life issues, newsletter, etc.) each representative reports on their respective group’s endeavors. It’s exhilarating to hear about the enormously creative, effective and determined efforts to preserve, protect and promote the sanctity of life. (The Sanctity of Life is the first of our “Three Core Convictions” at Faith and Action: The Sanctity of Life, the Sanctity of Marriage and the Family and the Public Acknowledgment of God.)

Fr. Terry Gensemer of Birmingham, Alabama, is active with building a national pro-life youth culture. He reported on his denomination’s annual contest that rewards young people for their creative expression of a pro-life message with a trip to Ireland to work with pro-life youth organizations there.

Georgette Forney of the Anglican pro-life group asked for prayers as she and a host of others prod the worldwide Anglican bishops to declare the Anglican Communion to be a pro-life church during their decadal Lambeth Conference coming up. Such a declaration would imply a continuing rebuke to the apostate, liberal and pro-death American Episcopal Church—as much as lend strength to the witness of the biblically faithful African, Asian and South American Anglican witness!

Rev. Paul Stallsworth who heads the pro-life movement within the United Methodist Church announced they may see a decided turn toward greater biblical faithfulness and pro-life positioning at the U.M. General Conference that begins this week in Dallas.

And on and on it goes. Thank the Lord for talented, dedicated and highly capable servants of God who work tirelessly for the Sanctity of Life. It’s a huge undertaking and a constant battle for hearts, souls and, yes, lives. We’re in better shape because of these good people and I’m blessed to identify with them and keep their company!

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Rev. Rob Schenck

Faith and Action

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