Thursday, June 29, 2006


A lot of reporters called yesterday to ask my opinion on the reversal of the D.C. Government’s order to remove our Ten Commandments display. It was difficult to articulate exactly how I feel.

To begin with, demanding that we get a permit for our lawn ornament, when no one else is required to do so, is an unjust application of the law. Anytime someone bows to that kind of injustice, it reinforces it. We knew from the beginning that it was wrong and unconstitutional. It amazes me that it took District lawyers almost a month to figure that out.

Second, while I’m grateful the Ten Commandments will remain on display, it’s almost like being grateful that the pickpocket gave you your wallet back. He should have never taken it in the first place! So, am I truly grateful—or just relieved? I need more time to sort it out.

Third, no one knows how the District will treat others in the future should they wish to display a different part of the Bible. In fact, no one knows how the District will treat our next door neighbors should they decide to display the Ten Commandments. The hand-delivered letter announcing the rescindment of the order states that the decision is limited to “the specific facts in this case at this time.” Tomorrow may be a different story.

At this moment we are not inclined to challenge the District any further, but perhaps we should for the good of the whole. As the axiom goes, “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.” I’ll have to pray about it.


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