Thursday, July 06, 2006


It's been some days since I last posted. A lot has gone on lately. In the immediate aftermath of our Ten Commandments victory, we had another. My good friend and colleague, Pat Mahoney, went out to San Diego to organize large-scale prayer vigils and rallies in support of the Mount Soledad Cross.

If you're not familiar with this skirmish in the war for the soul of our culture, it's nearly as absurd as the one over our Ten Commandments monument. The Cross sits atop Mount Soledad along the San Diego skyline. It's been there for over 50 years as part of the nation's largest war memorial, a tribute to fallen veterans of the Korean conflict and World War II. 17 years ago, a single atheist activist sued to have it removed. The city sold the land to a private association but a federal judge nullified the deal. After another judge ordered the Cross removed, I went out there with Pat. (See our article at We had--and HAVE--a plan to defend the Cross. In the mean time, however, the city courageously appealed to the US Supreme Court. (A very different court than the one that previously denied review of the case.)

To our surprise, Supreme Court associate justice Anthony Kennedy granted a stay (hold) on the order to remove the Cross, pending further review by him and, possibly, the whole US Supreme Court! Glory to God! Pat "happened" to be out in San Diego when this temporary ruling of the High Court came down. He held a prayer service at the foot of the Cross in thanksgiving to God. (See

No one knows quite what Justice Kennedy's terse, single-sentence ruling means. He could look at it some more and change his mind at any time, allowing the dismantling to proceed. Or, should four of the justices not see merit in the case (it takes that number to accept it), all legal remedies will have been exhausted and the Cross comes down.

Should the High Court accept the case and review it, they could find for the Cross or against it. Such a case would take months or even years before a final determination. It takes a majority of the nine justices to win or lose. Since Justice Kennedy--the new swing vote--saw at least some merit in the arguments of keeping the Cross, it's not a stretch to say he might vote for keeping it. We already know that Chief Justice Roberts and associate justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito are highly likely to vote to keep as well. So, this could be a big win! Only time will tell.

We will file a brief in the Supreme Court in favor of keeping the Cross. We'll also go out with a national call to prayer. Should the Cross be ordered removed, we'll put out a call for every conscientious Christian in the country to travel to San Diego to rally and pray for its preservation.

As you can see, there's no time to be bored around here! Back later with more . . .

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