Friday, September 22, 2006


Never have the Ten Commandments been more important to American civilization than now. With the rise of murderous terrorism, the relentless advance of flagrant immorality and an attempt by so-called “religious” liberals to redefine right and wrong, America needs to routinely recalibrate its moral compass.

This weekend Gary Bauer hosts a “Values Voters” conference here in Washington. I can’t be there, but if I could, I’d suggest the bottom line is always those simple “Ten Words of Sinai.” Why? Because the big question is, how do we judge whether something (or someone) is right or wrong?

God gave the Ten Commandments to answer precisely that question. When it comes to evaluating candidates for public office, legislative initiatives or court opinions, here’s a simple test based on each of the Commandments:

1) Does it (he/she) honor or dishonor God? (Belief or unbelief?)

2) Does it (he/she) suggest that we must put our beliefs about God aside in favor of other considerations? (Idolatry is putting anything in front of God and His will.)

3) Does it (he/she) claim to speak for God, yet contradict His moral standards? (False religion.)

4) Does it (he/she) work for or against the corporate worship of God? (Pro or anti-church?)

5) Does it (he/she) preserve or dismiss the wisdom handed down through the ages? (Wise or foolish?)

6) Does it (he/she) respect the Sanctity of Life? (Acknowledge or dismiss the Creator status of God?)

7) Does it (he/she) preserve and protect the family or militate against it? (Pro or anti traditional family of mother + father + children.)

8) Does it (he/she) preserve and protect personal property, including the work of one’s own hands? (Characterized by giving or taking?)

9) Does it (he/she) stand for honesty and transparency? (Ring true or false—plain speak or sophistry?)

10) Does it (he/she) seek to undermine relationships (especially between husband and wife), separate people and their legitimate property (think Supreme Court on “takings”) and get what is not earned or deserved? (Greed or graft?)

The Bible says the law of God is written upon the heart. (Read that “conscience.”) The Commandments are really common sense right and wrong. What makes them so common is that they’re embedded in our very DNA. While many consciously and deliberately chafe against the Commandments, few honestly disagree with them.

Who and what to vote for? Measure them against the Commandments and you’ll know!

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Jeff Wismer said...

That should reads TEN COMMANDMENTS and the fact that if you broke one of them, you would be punished by the death penalty.

Also...The Public Expression of Religion ACT of 2005 is merely a political ploy, and will only infuriate more non-believers into action.

I"m suprised I didn't see you down at the Values Voter Summit Rob...all your radical religious friends were there.