Friday, September 29, 2006


The only reason the Boise, ID, city council yanked out a Ten Commandments monument from a public park was because they feared the ACLU just might drain their pockets with a lawsuit. That's exactly what the billion-dollar terrorist enterprise has done to cities and towns around the U.S. They got tens of thousands of dollars out of poor and rural Adams County Ohio for it's Ten Commandments displays--and more than $1 million from tiny Dover, PA, after school officials there dared to say what our Declaration of Independence asserts: There is a Creator! (In point of fact, all they said was, there might be a Creator.)

All this extortion money comes, of course, from the public treasury--your tax dollars. And it's not like the ACLU or its co-conspirators need it. What the ACLU does is troll around the country, looking for a vulnerable community, then menace them with threats of a lawsuit. If the victims don't capitulate, they proceed with a suit. All the while, ACLU fundraisers are rolling out mass mailings and Internet appeals, begging donors to cough up millions of dollars. So far, the ACLU and its subsidiaries have amassed a fortune of more than $300 million in savings! So, their legal expenses are well paid for even before they get into court. But that's not what ACLU lawyers tell the judge after they win. They claim they have unpaid bills and the public owes them their due. So, what happens? The tax-payers end up paying through the nose (sometimes at $300 - $400 per hour, plus all expenses) and the ACLU gets paid twice! What a scam!

Well finally, the ACLU has got its comeuppance! The House of Representatives passed the Public Expression of Religion Protection Act, 244 to 173, ordering the courts to stop making town councils, school boards and other public treasurers paying-off the ACLU. BUT, the measure must pass the US Senate to become law. No doubt President Bush will sign it, but there's barely any movement in the Senate. Best thing you can do is call your US Senator at their local offices (number in your phone book) and urge them to pass "PERA," the Public Expression of Religion Protection Act! Leave your name, address and phone number (whether they want it or not) and tell them you do vote!

Thank God for the courage of the Republicans and some 20 Democrats that voted for this common sense measure. And many heartfelt thanks to our ministry partner, Phil Jauregui of the Judicial Action Group for his outstanding leadership on this key issue! God bless you, Phil!


Jeff Wismer said...

With Love from Amish Country? The James Bond of Religious Fanaticism has gone to Pennsylvania to show his ever ready face to the cameras. Don't ever say that the "liberal" media never did anything for you Schenck.

I love the "terrorist" organization label you put on the ACLU...

While you brought up the subject of "terrorism"...Let us see I'm gonna bring up a random example of a certain groups activities and then let the public decide if it's a terrorist organization.

1. Tortured and killed people who would not subscribe to their faith

2. Tortured and killed people of the same faith in the name of dogma.

3. Tortured and killed doctors who perform abortions

4. Tortured and killed homosexuals for being openly gay

5. Destroyed Cities, and burnt out the lands of people who believed in a different god

6. Destroyed cities, and burnt out the lands of people who had the same god, but occupied god's holy land.

Like Fox News says...WE report ...YOU Decide America!

seveba said...

Thank you Rev Schenck for standing up to these "Defenders of America's Demise".

The ACLU has for decades had an agenda to push their left wing agenda at the price of those who have faith in God. That might have worked in the Soviet Union, Stalin Era. But that does not work for America.

Unfortunately for us, we have all suffered their extreme Left Wing mentality. By their atheistic bent, they themselves have replaced God's values with their own, in defining what is "Good for America".

Hey ACLU!!!! America's Founding Fathers designed our country to have freedom of Religion...not freedom from it.

AJ said...

Rev. Schenck, Our GOD is bigger than Washington DC and can change the hearts of all men. Praise God from whom all blessings flow and for the Ten Commandments in front of the building to remind all of us that we are all under God's law wether we like it or not. GOD Bless and keep up the good fight.