Friday, October 13, 2006


I apologize for my absence. I've been out of form ever since my sudden and completely unexpected visit to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Maybe you saw some of that on the news or read about. Some have asked, How did you get involved in Lancaster County? The answer is simple: Faith and Action has one of its largest bases of support in this very Christian area. I've also had long established friendships there that go back 20 years.

When the news reached us of the tragic shootings at the Amish school house in nickel Mines, I knew immediately someone who is a part of our ministry will be directly affected. Lancaster County is a very close knit community; that's especially true of the Christian community.

So, I prayed, cancelled meetings in Washington and jumped in my car to head two hours north. En route I made calls. Yes, indeed. Two of our dearest friends were directly touched by this horror: They employed the mother of the shooter. She was described to me as a wonderful Christian lady who loved the Lord and her family. But it was even bigger than that. The company she works for is entirely Christian, and they are more like a family than a business. All of herr more than 100 employees were devastated. When I got to them, they were in shock. We held a prayer service, and the Lord really met us. All of these brothers and sisters in Christ were set on ministering to their friend and her family, as much as to the families of the victims. It was the beginning of a dramatic lesson in Christian love, the heart of the Gospel and the essence of a redeemed community.

I intended to stay only a few hours but remained four days. They were four of the most life-changing days I've experienced in 25 years of Christian ministry. Emotionally, those days ranked right along with the aftermath of 9/11 and my visists to our supporting churches in New Orleans after Katrina. I'm still not over it.

Please check my website ( for the lessons (only the first of many more) I learned during my odyssey with the Roberts and Amish families of Lancaster County. It's all up at our website.

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Jeff Wismer said...

I thought you meant absence from reality for a second...or maybe it's a preemptive foreshadowing to what will happen to you and the rest of the fanatical dogmatic religious evangelicals once the Republicans lose their power in the House and the Senate. It's too bad, we were just getting to know each other too. You may say that you're mission becomes more vital once the democrats take over, but we both know that you're kind will be run out of town, if not now, then after Bush leaves the White House.

Speaking of the White House...Have you read David Kuo's new book yet??? Tempting Faith "An inside story of political seduction"

You might pay particular attention to this line from the book...

Kuo also writes that Rove referred to evangelical leaders as “the nuts,” and claims Rove deputy Ken Mehlman “knowingly participated in a scheme to use the office, and taxpayer funds, to mount ostensibly ‘nonpartisan’ events that were, in reality, designed with the intent of mobilizing religious voters in 20 targeted races.”

Don't get too much more confortable than you already are here in Washington D.C. Schenck...Do you hear that??? That's Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Kansas, Ohio, Florida and Georgia calling you back home...oh home sweet theocratic state home!

Jeff Wismer said...

Do you hear that noise Schenck??? Do you? That's the whole world laughing at you and your evangelical leaders...Duped again by the same party "GOP" or Party of God as you like to call it. I didn't need David Kuo's new book to know that Evangelicals like you are being laughed at behind your backs by all forms of government, federal, state, and local. Suckers once again, and forever will you be suckered in again and again and again...

"Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, unless of course you're evangelical, then you're the ones being laughed at"

Jeff Wismer said...

Hey Schenck..I thought of at least one thing you can laugh at...I'm the only one that seems to be posting on your blog...LOL

Michelle said...

Unfortunatly Jeff Wismer seems to be very uneducated, and beleives everything the secular humanistic school system has thrown at him. I womder when people will begin to think for themselves? Maybe when Jesus returns. Unfortunatly, for people like Jeff Wismer, christians will be the ones with the last laugh. Except people like Jeff Wismer are so sad and lost we should all be crying for them instead.

Jeff Wismer said...

California Atheist Wins Victory in Libel Suit

By JOSH GERSTEIN - Staff Reporter of the Sun
October 25, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO —The California atheist who took a challenge to the pledge of allegiance all the way to the Supreme Court won a legal victory yesterday in a related libel suit he brought against a Christian critic.

A California appeals court ruled that the litigious atheist, Michael Newdow, may proceed with his lawsuit against a self-described interdenominational minister, the Reverend Austin Miles.


mmmmm...I remember a certain someone who irresponsibly alleged that Beltway Atheists threatened a law suit on you (let's see now)

To: National and Metro desks

Contact: Dane Rose, 202-546-8329, ext. 106

WASHINGTON, June 28 /U.S. Newswire/ --

"A group called "The Beltway Atheists" had previously announced they
would file a civil lawsuit if D.C. officials allowed the Ten
Commandments to remain in what DC law deems "public space.""


You don't know who that was do you?

Jeff Wismer said...

Michelle I wrote a song for you & Jebus:

You know Jebus, I've been thinking about you alot lately. Really, That's why I wrote this song...

Jebus, this lamb is hot for you baby...

I love you, Jebus
I want you to walk with me.
Take good care of your baby,
call you my baby, baby.

You died for my sins,
and you know that I would die for you, back.
What's the matter, baby?
You tremblin' Jebus baby

Your love, is my life
you know that if I'm without you,
there's a black hole in my life

Ohh, I wanna believe, its all right,
but I can
only pray in the night and it's up to you to save me,
Jebus baby...

Don't ever leave me, Jebus,
I couldn't stand to see you go.
My heart will simply snap, my Lord,
if you walked on out that door.

I promise I'll be good to you,
I'll keep you warm at night.
Jebus, Jebus, Jebus,
why don't we just chill out, tonight.

I need you in my life, Jebus.
I can't live without you, Jebus.
And I just want to feel you,
deep inside me, Jebus.

Jebus Jebus Baby, baby
I'm down on my knees
waiting for your salvation
to spread all over me baby, baby

Jebus Jebus Baby Baby
I love when you push me to your naked body
Put my face close to your breasts
baby baby baby, ooooo Love your lovin baby

Jebus...I'm your lamb and I'm hot for you!

seveba said...

Thank you Rev Schenck for standing up to these "Defenders of America's Demise".

The ACLU has for decades had an agenda to push their left wing agenda at the price of those who have faith in God. That might have worked in the Soviet Union, Stalin Era. But that does not work for America.

Unfortunately for us, we have all suffered their extreme Left Wing mentality. By their atheistic bent, they themselves have replaced God's values with their own, in defining what is "Good for America".

Hey ACLU!!!! America's Founding Fathers designed our country to have freedom of Religion...not freedom from it.