Monday, February 11, 2008


Tomorrow, February 12, is the “Potomac” primary—Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia—so I’ll be voting. I won’t tell you whom I will vote for because it will surely be misconstrued as an endorsement. However, I will tell you how I will vote.

My candidate must first pass what I call the Deuteronomy 17 test. Take a look there; it speaks for itself.

Second, my candidate must have unequivocal and personally credible positions (and realistically executable plans)  supporting absolutely the first of our guaranteed God-given human rights: The Right to Life.

Third, my candidate will take an unapologetic but congenial stand for the absolute sanctity of marriage as between one man and one woman in monogamous life-long union. He / she will also make no room for so-called “same-sex unions,” which are simply a way to degrade marriage until it is no longer legally viable.

Fourth, my candidate will personally and publicly acknowledge the sovereignty of God over private and public affairs, including over our nation and indeed all nations.

Lastly, my candidate will be the one who most respects and assiduously applies the final rule of the U.S. Constitution in all matters pertaining to government.

And, if all the above are met, I might--and I emphasize might--take into consideration the candidate's electability; can he or she win?

If these pointers are helpful to you, I encourage to you to take and compare them to what you read on the candidates’ websites. Look too at our website and other sites you know and trust. If you’re voting tomorrow, take all that information with you and then pray. The Lord will help you to discern the right man or woman even as you vote.

Remember, your responsibility is to vote according to your conscience. Allow it to be informed by the Word of God, Christian moral instruction and prayer.

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Your grateful missionary to elected ad appointed officials,

Rev. Rob Schenck