Sunday, June 15, 2008


Your missionary to Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, Rob Schenck, reporting:

Most important post for today is this video: 

You may prefer to read this background, though: 

It's a rare Sunday morning for me. I'm sitting in an airline terminal waiting for a flight back home to Buffalo, New York. It feels odd not to be in a church somewhere getting ready to preach. My normal weekend is last flight out of Washington to somewhere in the country on Saturday night, preaching two or three times on Sunday morning and retuning late Sunday night or Monday morning.

Today, though, is different. My dad, Hank Schenck, is in a Buffalo nursing home. (With my mom, Marjorie, thank God because they need each other.) Both my folks are in fragile health. I get home at least once a month to see them. Mom extracted a promise from me last year that I've happily and assiduously stuck to ever since. She asked if I would come every month to see her before she dies. I timed this visit to do double-duty: Meet my promise to Mom and celebrate Dad.

I love my parents and I've never had any doubts they love me and my three siblings. They were far from perfect parents, but join the club. I have so much to thank them for that holidays like Fathers' Day are easy. Dad gave me love, life skills and constant support that are gifts from God to me. I only pray I passed some of that along to my own adult children, but you'd have to ask them!

In any case, here again is my video tribute to Dad as I sit here waiting for my flight to be called:

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